What is CrossFit?

The best description of CrossFit is usually a self realization, that comes smashing through the wall when you’re about 6 or 7 minutes into your first workout… when you’re staring at a puddle of your sweat on the ground and thinking “!&@#, this is wild”.  Therefore we recommend that you come out and give us a try.  If that’s enough to get you in the gym, great.  If not, by all means read on….

CrossFit is a general physical preparedness (GPP) program and can be summed up as functional movement, executed at high intensity, and measured across broad time and modal domains.

This amounts to leveraging the activities people have been doing every day for thousands of years: running, jumping, throwing, picking things up from below, and pressing over head– and developing them, ultimately producing a well-rounded individual.  Believe it or not, we were meant to do these kinds of things and it shouldn’t seem unreasonable to mold an athlete who at any instant can run, jump, climb, fight, lift, walk a balance beam and feel comfortable upside down.

By far the most common thing we hear is  “What did you do to get in shape for CrossFit?”, indicating a mentality that couldn’t be farther from reality.  Our workouts are universally scalable and can be executed by elite athletes, moms to be, and grandparents alike.  An Airman hoisting gear over a wall and a mother putting a canoe on top of the car, while fending off her two sons, use the same muscle groups and benefit from the same neuroendocrine adaptations developed through functional exercise.

The following documents offer a fantastic description of CrossFit and help explain just why CrossFit works.

CrossFit’s Foundations          What is Fitness?          Understanding CrossFit

The first step, however, is showing up.  We hope to see you there.